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Town of Boone Human Relations Commission Application

  1. Values and Purpose of the Human Relations Commission:

    The Boone Town Council finds that prejudice and the practice of discrimination against any individual or group based on actual or perceived age, mental or physical disability, sex, religion, creed, race, color, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, familial or marital status, economic status, veteran status or national origin, may menace the peace and public welfare. 

    To work towards elimination of such prejudice and discrimination, a commission has been established through which the citizens of Boone may be kept informed of developments in human relations, the officers and departments of the town may obtain advice and assistance concerning practices to keep peace and good order, and private persons and groups may be officially encouraged to promote tolerance and goodwill to all people.

    The purpose of the Human Relations Commission is to promote and improve human relations and equity among all citizens in the town. The Commission will work with town government and partner with communities and outside agencies in an effort to encourage and ensure diversity, fairness, equity and inclusion throughout the town. In furtherance thereof, the Commission should endeavor to identify and assist in addressing all forms of individual, institutional and community discrimination through education, advocacy and policy recommendations.

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