Comprehensive Plan Progress and Updates


Welcome to the Town of Boone's Comprehensive Plan Progress and Updates project page!  We are excited to announce that the Town of Boone has begun the process of updating the Town's current Comprehensive Plan.   

Comprehensive Plan Update Request for Proposals

The Town of Boone is seeking a creative, dynamic, implementation-focused, professional planning and urban design team to assist the Town in developing an updated Comprehensive Plan.   Submittals must be received by 5 p.m. EST on June 8, 2023.  No submittal will be accepted after that date and time.  Proposals should be submitted in accordance with the specifications listed in the document link below:  

Town of Boone, Comprehensive Plan Update Request for Proposals 

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

What is a Comprehensive Plan, you may ask?  The Comprehensive Plan is a long-range, "comprehensive" advisory planning document that provides a future vision for the growth and development of the Town. This plan contains the goals, objectives, strategies, and action steps intended to direct Town actions.

Legal Basis

The legal basis for the plan can be found in NC General Statute 160D-501, which states that, as a condition of adopting and applying zoning regulations, a local government, such as the Town of Boone, shall adopt and reasonably maintain a comprehensive plan or land-use plan.  Further, a comprehensive plan sets forth goals, policies, and programs to guide the jurisdiction's present and future physical, social, and economic development.  The Plan is also intended to guide coordinated, efficient, and orderly development within the jurisdiction based on an analysis of present and future needs.

Next Steps

As of November 2022, the Town is in the initial data-gathering portion of the update process.  This includes the processing and evaluation of the following types of data:

  1. Census Data & Other Population Estimates/Projections
  2. Current Plan Assessment
  3. Smart Growth Principles Evaluation 
  4. Mapping: transportation, utilities, safety, land use, etc 

Additionally, the Town is in the process of completing several different types of analyses, which will be important in informing the next steps:

  1. Affordable Housing Technical Assistance (pending)
  2. Community Climate Action Plan (pending)
  3. Tree Canopy Assessment (pending)
  4. Development/Capacity Market Analysis (pending)
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  2. 2

Community Input

Successful plans that strengthen our community are created when authentic community participation is encouraged, acknowledged, and incorporated into the planning process leading to greater public trust in future actions, including the adoption of subsequent regulatory language. 

As part of the initial data gathering and evaluation phase, Town Council is currently expecting to host several small stakeholder group conversations on a variety of topics to assist in understanding and assessing current conditions and to engage in preliminarily visioning to set the framework and context for the upcoming plan.   

Future public input opportunities will be announced on this page and will include a variety of methods intended to provide the greatest opportunity for participation.  


Meeting Topic
September 29, 2022InformationalAgenda/Minutes
October 26, 2022Planning- Next StepsAgenda/Minutes
November 30, 2022Local/Small Business Stakeholder ConversationsAgenda/Minutes
March 7, 2023Multi-Family Housing & Local Design Professionals  Stakeholder ConversationsAgenda/Minutes
April 4, 2023Housing Stakeholder ConversationsAgenda/Minutes