Town Communications

The Town of Boone strives to maintain contact with our citizens through open communication. Whether through press releases or phone calls, we want everyone to know what we are doing to help enrich the lives of everyone in Boone!

Stay Connected

One of the easiest ways to stay connected is by signing up for alerts regarding Town Press Releases and Public Notices. Simply follow the directions under 'Notify Me', and then you're good to go! Please note: When signing up for email notification it will take about 5 minutes for the confirmation email to come through, so be patient!

Stay Social

Social media is one of, if not the, fastest growing forms of communication. In order to stay connected, the Town of Boone and many departments within the Town of Boone have social media accounts in which important updates are posted, as well as fun and interesting facts about the operations of the Town. If you are ever curious about what the Town is doing regarding events or programs, check out all of our social media channels and profiles.