Winkler Creek Stormwater and Restoration Study

The Winkler-Hodges-Boone Creek Project is a plan that identifies restoration and stormwater best practices to improve water quality and reduce flooding in the Winkler, Hodges and Boone Creeks. In order to fully understand the impact that these creeks are having on the infrastructure of Boone, the Town of Boone received preliminary report from Brushy Fork Environmental Consulting titled Stormwater and Stream Enhancement Plan for Winkler, Hodges, and Boone Creeks

If you own a parcel of land in the scope of this project, you should have received a postcard in the mail, with a link to the Landowner Interest Form. Please fill out this form so that we know your interest in future projects to improve the water quality in Winkler, Hodges and Boone Creeks!