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Explore Boone

Whether you’re looking to hike the ridges and mountain tops for the views - like Daniel undoubtedly did – ski or snowboard on mountain slopes, or stream down river rapids in a kayak, you’ll find what you seek here. Start your adventure, today! Since our nation’s beginnings, the Boone area has renewed explorers and visitors with long-range vistas, cool temperatures, and abundant flora and fauna. Contact us at Explore Boone to learn more about all the things to see and do.

High Country Host

A guide to all things 'High Country', the High Country Hst is a website filled with helpful information and attractions for all towns in the High Country, including Boone! From discounts to adventures, the High Country Host has it all. Take a peek and find all the wonderful things to do in Boone, rain or shine, summer or spring and everything in between.

Four Seasons Everyday

What signifies the changing of the seasons? Is it a day on the calendar? A change in the weather, perhaps? For those of us who call the high country home, the changing of the seasons is often dictated by the everyday happenings here. A locally run website, Four Seasons Everyday promotes fun family-friendly activities as well as local know-how for tourists and locals alike to experience the heart of Boone.