Right-of-Way Division


  • Residential Junk and Brush Removal
  • Leaf Route
  • Christmas Tree Route
  • Street Sweeping
  • Right of Way Mowing and Tree Trimming
  • Downtown Litter Pick-up
  • Sidewalk Cleaning and Snow Removal
  • Cemetery Mowing
  1. Leaf Pickup and Christmas Tree Route

The Town of Boone will provide the following residential services free of charge:

  • Three-yard debris, brush, leaf or junk pickups during a calendar year without cost. (PLEASE NOTE: Brush/Limbs must be trimmed to a length no longer than 10 feet and diameter no larger than 8 inches.)
  • Community leaf pickup per neighborhood, October 15th through December 15th.
  • One pickup for Christmas tree(s) per resident during the first two weeks of January.

Pickups exceeding those mentioned above will be charged according to the town’s current rate schedule.

  • Brush pickup: $152.00 per hour, $76.00 half-hour minimum.
  • Junk or Debris pickup: $152.00 per hour, $76.00 half-hour minimum.
  • Leaf pickup: $79.00 per hour, $39.50 half-hour minimum.