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  1. Residential: Building a Deck or Porch

Building a Deck or Porch

You must obtain the proper permits before you start construction to add a porch or deck to your home.  The project also must be inspected by the Town.  This ensures that construction is safe and complies with all applicable codes.

Before You Start

  1. Complete the Single-Family & Two-Family Residential Permit Application
  2. Complete the Single-Family & Two-Family Building Permit Application

Site Plan Needed

A site plan meeting the requirements of Town of Boone Unified Development Ordinance Appendix A is needed for submission with the Zoning Permit Application.  Please see below for a sample site plan:

Sample Deck Site Plan Image

Scheduling an Inspection

Inspections shall be called in 24 hours in advance to either the Administrative Staff (828-268-6960) or to the Project Manager Liaison.  The following inspections are required:

  1. Footer/Set-back (property lines must be marked)
  2. Framing 
  3. Final inspections (building & zoning)


  1. Each application details the information needed for the submittal of a complete application.
  2. Covered porches may need to meet additional stormwater requirements.  Please contact your Project Manager Liaison for more details.
  3. Permit fees are due when applications are submitted.  Click the link below to access the Town of Boone Planning and Inspections Fee Schedule for fee details.  Have questions on what fees apply?  Call the Planning & Inspections Department at 828-268-6960.  

Town of Boone Planning & Inspections Fee Schedule

  1. Residential: Building an Accessory Building
  1. Commercial: ABC Inspection/Zoning Compliance

ABC Inspection/Zoning Compliance Approval

Please follow the steps below in order to for the Town to successfully process your NC ABC Inspection/Zoning Compliance Form.

Step 1:  Application and payment

  1. Complete the ABC Compliance Inspection Application form.
  2. Attach to the completed application a copy of the  NC ABC Commission's Inspection/Zoning Compliance Form with Section A (only) filled out by the applicant.  You will find this form located on the NC ABC Commission's website.  
  3. Submit the application and pay the required $193.00 application fee.

Step 2:  Application Review & Inspections

  • Zoning Staff from the Town of Boone will review your application to confirm the location is zoned for the intended use.  
  • A Building Inspector and a Fire Inspector will coordinate with the applicant to coordinate required building and fire inspections.
  • Once zoning has been confirmed and all inspections have passed, the Inspection/Zoning Compliance Form will be completed and returned to the applicant.
  • A copy of this Inspection Zoning Compliance Form will be forwarded to the Town of Boone Police Department.