Water Conservation Elementary Education

The Town of Boone has implemented an elementary education program about water conservation! By introducing elementary aged kids to the idea of conserving water, whether it's taking shorter showers or turning the water off when brushing your teeth, we can make a big impact.

Water Presentation: 

This presentation is available for grades K-5 and lasts approximately 30 minutes. A member of our conservation team will come to the class and give a “hands on” presentation designed to entertain and educate children on the water cycle and water conservation. Guided tours of the water treatment plant are also available. Contact Public Utilities to schedule your class trip and together we can teach our children that EVERY DROP COUNTS!

Annual Poster Contest:

The annual poster contest is available for 2nd grade classrooms at Hardin Park Elementary, Appalachian Christian School and Two Rivers Community School. Students in each class will be asked to design and draw a poster depicting water conservation, water quality or the water cycle. Prizes will be awarded to the top three winners. The class with the most participation will receive a fieldtrip including a guided tour of the water treatment facility and a pizza party! Teachers may Contact Public Utilities for information on how to get involved.

Traveling Library:

Dive right in and enjoy water-related books and games. There are two suitcases full of exciting information for grades K-2 and 3-5. Call or email to reserve this wonderful resource for your class. The library will be delivered to your classroom and picked up a week or two later. This is a great way to kick off a water cycle and/or water conservation program.

Winners of the Every Drop Counts Poster Contest (2020-2021)

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