Planning Commission


The Planning Commission is an advisory board that makes recommendations to the Council on future growth and development issues that affect the Town and advises the Town Council concerning the implementation of plans, including, but not limited to, review and comment on all zoning text and map amendments as required by G.S. 160D-604. In addition to or as part of its regular meeting schedule, the Planning Commission shall attend public hearings on proposed zoning text and map amendments scheduled by the Town Council.

Please review the Town of Boone Unified Development Ordinance, Article 2 Administrative Mechanisms (Sections 2.02 & 2.05), and Article 9 Amendments for more information about the PC.

Board Openings

For more information continue through this page to view the Membership and Current Roster sections or visit the Apply for a Board or Commission page.  


The PC consists of seven (7) members who are appointed by Town Council for 3-year terms.   All members shall be residents of the Town of Boone.

One membership position on the PC shall be designated for an Appalachian State University student; provided, that more than one Appalachian State University student position may be appointed at the discretion of the Town Council. The designated Appalachian State University student member shall serve a term of one (1) year.

Student Board Application

Board Application

Powers and Duties

  1. Prepare, review, maintain, monitor, and periodically update and recommend to the governing board a comprehensive plan, and such other plans as deemed appropriate and conduct ongoing related research, data collection, mapping, and analysis. 
  2. Facilitate and coordinate citizen engagement and participation in the planning process. 
  3. Develop and recommend policies, ordinances, development regulations, administrative procedures, and other means for carrying out plans in a coordinated and efficient manner. 
  4. Advise the governing board concerning the implementation of plans, including, but not limited to, review and comment on all zoning text and map amendments as required by G.S. 160D-604. The Planning Commission shall not, however, have the power to “initiate” changes to the Ordinance, as the term “initiate” is used in, Section 9.02; 
  5. Exercise any functions in the administration and enforcement of various means for carrying out plans that the governing board may direct. 
  6. 6. Review and either approve or deny proposed minor subdivision requests when a portion of the land to be subdivided lies within a Designated Water Supply Watershed District, based upon the application of Articles 5 and 29 of the Ordinance; and 
  7. Perform any other related duties that the Council may direct. 


  • 6:00 pm
  • 4th Monday of every month at Town Council Chambers, 1500 Blowing Rock Road
  • The PC is currently meeting virtually, through WebEx, a video-conferencing software.  Please contact the Planning & Inspections Department by email ( or by phone (828-268-6960) for more information on how to watch or participate in the PC meetings. 

2023 Town of Boone Planning & Inspections Board/Commission Meeting Schedule

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Board MembersAppointedTerm Expires# of Terms
Elizabeth Shay- Chair6/18/20206/30/20232nd
Eric Plaag- Vice Chair5/20/20216/30/20242nd
Chris Behrend- Board Member6/08/20226/30/20253rd
John Tippett- Board Member10/17/20196/30/20232nd
Frank Veno- Board Member5/20/20216/30/20242nd 
Smith Warren- Board Member6/08/20226/30/20252nd
Scott Boyd- Student Board Member9/14/2022