Every Drop Counts


The mission of the Every Drop Counts program by the Town of Boone is to educate, inform and assist the public in all aspects of water conservation and to support a philosophy of managing the environment in a manner that does not exhaust or extinguish water, our most precious natural resource.Every Drop Counts Boone Logo

Principles of Water as a Resource

The key principles of water as a natural resource are simple:

  1. Access to water is a basic human right
  2. It is a finite, degradable and irreplaceable resource
  3. The availability of fresh water is subject to nature’s laws

How You Can Help

Conserving water can help lower your water and wastewater bill, and also helps protect our natural water resources for future generations. Try the indoor and outdoor tips to reduce water usage in your home and business.

There are many ways you can help protect the natural water resources in your community. Get involved by contacting Public Utilities or contact Carrie Phillips, Water Conservation Program Coordinator, or 


Boone’s future water security relies on strong resident involvement and knowledge to reach its goal of water conservation. This is why Boone Town Council approved the implementation of a Water Conservation Educational Program. The links on this page provide information on how you can help the Town of Boone reduce water usage.

Waterwise Citizenship Award:

Each year the Town of Boone Public Utilities would like to recognize local residents and businesses for being Water Wise. We all know that saving water is a great thing to do for the environment and for your pocket book. But now, every drop you save could make you a winner! Share your innovative water-saving techniques with us and you may be rewarded with a gift package! Simply fill out the easy application, send it in and you could be a winner!