Uniformed Patrol


The uniformed patrol shifts of the Boone Police Department provide 24-hour police protection to our citizens and visitors. The patrol shifts represent the foundation of the police department and are the first officers you are likely to encounter. Our officers are true professionals, recruited and selected through a competitive hiring process designed to get the most qualified candidates.

All patrol officers wear body cameras for evidence collection and accountability purposes. Patrol officers have varying specialized training such as traffic crash reconstruction, field training officer, tactical operations training, and patrol evidence technician, to name a few. Our patrol shifts work closely with our local and state law enforcement partners to keep Boone safe.

Patrol Districts

The Town of Boone is divided into five patrol districts, Highland, Junaluska, Perkinsville, State Farm, and Downtown. Shift sergeants are assigned a district (excluding the Downtown District) and serve as the primary point of contact for that district. The sergeants keep tabs on crime trends, community concerns, and outreach opportunities, to further the success of the Police Department.

Below is the official patrol districts map for the Boone Police Department. Please click on the image for a printable PDF.

Uniformed Patrol District Map for Boone Police