Special Flood Hazard Areas & Flooding Information

Please use the tabs below to access information about special flood hazard areas and flooding within the Town of Boone.
  1. 7 Tips to Reduce Flood Damage
  2. Maintenance of Drainage Systems
  3. What are Floodplains?
  4. CRS- Reduction in Flood Insurance Rates
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Floodplain Development Permit

1.  Prepare for flooding by doing the following:

  • Know how to shut off electricity and gas to your property when a flood comes.
  • Make a list of emergency numbers and identify a safe place to go.
  • Make an inventory especially of basement contents.
  • Put insurance policies valuable papers, in a safe place.
  • Develop a disaster response plan.

2.  Know your flood hazard and insure your property based upon your flood hazard.

  • You need flood insurance.
  • Renters should buy flood insurance for their contents.

3.  Protect people from the hazard.

  • Turn around, don’t drown.
  • Know flood warnings in your area
  • Designate a place your family can meet and evacuate when an order is issued.

See FEMA Brochures:

4. Know your flooding and consider permanent flood protection measures:

  • Mark your fuse or breaker box to show the circuits to the floodable areas.
  • Check your building for water entry points. These can be basement windows, the basement stairwell, doors, and vents. These can be protected with low walls or temporary shields.
  • Note that some flood protection measures may need a building permit and others may not be safe for your type of building.

5.  Protect your property from the hazard:

  • Replace mechanical equipment or mechanical equipment needing repair with equipment elevated above the base flood elevation.
  • Keep debris and trash out of streams and ditches.
  • The Town of Boone can help provide grant information to elevate your structure.
  • Provide and keep on hand sand bags to protect flood waters from entering your structure.

6.  Build responsibly.

  • Get a permit before you build or renovate.

7. Protect natural floodplain functions.

  • Report broken silt fences on construction sites – they help keep our streams clean of debris and silt.
  • Maintain any ditches or drainage ways on your property.
  • Call the Town of Boone Public Works Department if a public street drain or ditch appears to be blocked by snow or other debris.