The Town of Boone operates under the Council/Manager form of government. Under the Council/Manager plan, the Town Council is the legislative body for the community and makes broad policy decisions. The Town Manager, who is appointed by the Town Council, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Town government. The Town Manager supervises all department heads and staff, prepares a recommended balanced budget for the Council's consideration, serves as the chief advisor to the Council on policy and administrative matters, and implements the Council's policy decisions.

Under the leadership of the current Town Manager, Amy Davis, the Administration Department which consists of the Human Resources Department, the Town Clerk, the Downtown Boone Development Coordinator and the Sustainability and Special Projects Manager all work together to provides services throughout the community.  

Feel free to stop by Town Hall if you have any questions about Town operations, want to learn more about the Town or even to take advantage of the free public restrooms we have available! Free parking is available for visitors to Town Hall in the visitor spaces directly behind the building. 

Quarterly Reports

Every quarter, all Town of Boone departments submit a 'Quarterly Report', which give a brief description regarding what each department has completed that quarter. To view all quarterly reports, click here.


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