Town of Boone, NC

General Investigations

CID 2014
Pictured: (L-R: Sgt. Osborne, Investigator Wilson, Investigator Reid, Investigator Brackenridge)

Major Criminal Investigations in Boone are conducted by the General Investigations Unit. These crimes include homicide, serious assaults, robbery, sex crimes, larcenies, fraud and auto theft. Investigators visit pawn shops on a weekly basis to pickup receipts of pawned items and are responsible for background checks and permits for businesses that buy or sell gold.

Lieutenant Chris Hatton Email 828-268-6942
Sergeant David Osborne Email 828-268-6939
Investigator Kevin Wilson Email 828-268-6940
Investigator Kat Brackenridge Email 828-268-6935
Investigator Jason Reid Email 828-268-6938

For further information, you may email Lt. Chris Hatton or call 828-268-6942.