What is a WaterSense® High Efficiency Toilet?

WaterSense is the Environmental Protection Agency’s labeling program for water efficiency products. WaterSense labeled toilets use an average of only 1.28 gallons of water per flush and have passed rigorous testing standards.

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1. What is a WaterSense® High Efficiency Toilet?
2. Do I have to hire someone to install the toilet?
3. Can I participate even if I don’t own my home/rent from a homeowner?
4. Do I have to buy the toilet at a particular store?
5. Is there anything else I need to buy with the toilet?
6. How will I receive the rebate?
7. When will I receive my check?
8. Will the Town be checking to see that my toilet has been installed?
9. How long will the high efficiency toilet (HET) toilet rebate program last?
10. Are all of the toilets on the EPA WaterSense® list available at all retailers?