General Investigations Unit


Major criminal investigators in Boone are conducted by the General Investigations Unit. These various crimes can include homicide, serious assaults, robbery, sex crimes, larcenies, fraud, and auto theft. Our investigations are also involved in many community activities throughout the year. This unit is also responsible for all crime scene work, including collecting and documenting forensic evidence.

The Boone Police Department is committed to growing our investigative tools, skills, and abilities. This unit maintains both an in-house forensic evidence lab for processing physical evidence, and a state-of-the-art digital processing lab for digital evidence from phones, computers, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Division Commander

The Investigations Division is staffed by the Division Commander who supervises all General and Specialized Investigators. This Division is primarily responsible for the follow-up investigation of major cases related to crimes against persons, property crimes, narcotics trafficking, crimes against children, and human trafficking in and around the Town of Boone.

For further information about the General Investigations Unit, please contact Lieutenant Jon Houck.

General Investigations Unit in Action